You no longer have to look to New York City or its surrounding suburbs to bring the arts into the lives of your family. Established in 2008, The Janice Center is a 2,800 square foot facility in Jeffersonville devoted to learning music, dance, art and more, including our Stepping Tones Pre-School. It is the only one of its kind in the Hudson Valley Region. Whether it's musical instruction in the brass instruments, piano, flute, clarinet, drums, saxophone, guitar, violin and voice; Music Together® programs for introducing music to children 0-5; dance classes in ballet, hip hop; children's art, kidnastics, yoga, summer camps, Stepping Tones or our popular Paint Parties, The Janice Center will be the home for anyone who has an interest in learning or enjoying any of the arts.

With more than 25 years in music and art education, we have selected the very best instructors to conduct the various programs. Our facility is specially designed to teach the arts with separate rooms for individual instruction and two main ballrooms for large class programs as well as recitals, seminars and workshops. There is even a waiting room with television so parents can wait comfortably for their kids.

We've tried to think of everything that will maximize the experience of learning the fine arts. But we're always open to ideas and suggestions. So please contact us to share your thoughts. Or visit us at Facebook:


Our mission is simple: to provide first-class instruction in the arts in a friendly, family-oriented facility built to do so.

Front and Center

06/03/18 Summer Lesson Series

The summer is actually a great opportunity for students to advance their musical pursuits. Free from the distractions and time constraints of the school year, students who take private lessons over the summer not only stay sharp, but improve at an accelerated rate. They start the school year way ahead of those who do not touch an instrument for two months. The Janice Center offers lessons in virtually major instrument and our Summer Series is a 44% discount off our regular lesson rates. It is available to new students only.


How many lessons are included in the Series: 6

Cost: $150 for the entire Series

Instruments available: clarinet, drums, flute, guitar, piano, saxophone, trumpet, trombone (and other brass), as well as vocal.

What is the schedule for the Series: Lessons will start at the end of June and go through August. Individual days and times will be arranged with the instructor.

How do I register: Download a registration form at janicecenter.com and send/bring in or call 482-3324. Once we have your registration, the appropriate instructor will contact you about scheduling.

06/03/18 Summer Workshops

We have three more summer workshops scheduled. They will be six-hour days (9 a.m.-3 p.m.)) full of the most intensive and extensive instruction we can offer.

A Day of Broadway (July 19) – We are excited to welcome Angela Jamieson, musical conductor for The Lion King on Broadway to present a comprehensive one-day Broadway experience. Students will act out scenes from a selected Broadway Show as well as sing popular songs from the show.

Hip Hop Workshop – (July 26) This daylong workshop is designed for experienced dancers to take their skills to the next level. This will include stunting, intricate moves and maneuvers, footwork, choreography, timing and teamwork. This is a day for experienced hip hoppers ages 6 and up. Taught by Tanya Cohen.

Ballet Workshop – (August 2) Similar to the Hip Hop workshop, this workshop is for experienced ballerinas ages 6 and up to advance their skill level in just one day. Also taught by Tanya Cohen, the eight-hour session will be packed with fundamentals, bar exercises, perfecting all the positions, spacing and overall stage presence..

Registration forms are available online at janicecenter.com . For more information, call The Janice Center at 482-3324

02/22/16 2018-19 Pre-School

If you are interested in enrolling your child (ages 3-4) for the 2018-19 school year, we still have open slots. Please call us at 845-482-3324 or e-mail ken@janicecenter.com.

Stepping Tones has become the most popular private pre-school program in Western Sullivan County because in addition to a curriculum that includes reading, math, time and space awareness, word recognition, letter and number writing, it incorporates the Janice Center difference: a healthy mix of art, music, dance, yoga, stretching, tumbling and more.

To register, visit the registration section of this website. For more information or to set up a visit, please call 482-3324.

01/28/15 Piano, voice lessons

The Janice Center offers piano and voice lessons with Lindsey Bauer as well as our new piano instructor Danielle Strassman. Lindsey, is a music education graduate from The University of Susquehanna and also teaches a range of brass instruments, including trumpet, trombone and tuba. Danielle is a music major graduate from SUNY New Paltz. For more information or to schedule a lesson, please call 482-3324.

09/20/13 The Bus Stops Here

Busses from Sullivan West Elementary and High Schools stop directly in front of The Janice Center everyday. If your child has a class or lesson after school, you don\'t have to worry about transporting him or her here. Just let the authorities at the school know they will be taking the bus to The Janice Center and they\'re all set. If they have to wait any amount of time for their class or lesson to begin, we have a waiting room and also a common area where they can sit an do homework. Also we provide snacks and water. We will always be here until your child is picked up after the class or lesson -- they will never be left alone.

01/20/13 Birthday Parties

The Janice Center is the ideal place to host your child\'s next birthday party. Whether it be a dance, Music Together or Paint party, we can tailor the activities to your needs. So instead of trying to handle everything yourself, enjoy the special day and let us do all the work. We even put your child’s name on our outdoor marquis!

Said one parent who recently had a party at The Janice Center, “It\'s a no-brainer to have a party here. The kids have a blast, The Janice Center does everything and you can actually just relax and take in the day!\"

For more information, call us at 482-3324.